If these are the comments while dining in a restaurant, it must be a scene from a Thai restaurant. Exotic, tasty, and healthy, Thai food is more than a meal ; it’s a culinary experience. Thai food has rapidly grown in popularity among casual diners and gourmets alike, earning it a status as one of the world’s most popular cuisines. And while most people think of spice meals laced with chili as the predominant factor in Thai food, this is far from the truth. In all Thai dishes, there must always be a balanced harmony of flavors. Few cuisines can offer such a wonderful array of sensations that will delight and tease your taste buds quite like Thai food. Whether in a rich or fragrant Thai curry, spicy soup, savory salad, or sweet dessert, the competing and complementing flavors create a harmonious blend that once tasted will never be forgotten.
At the center of every Thai meal is rice, The staple of the diet. The kingdom is the world’s the finest variety of which is Thai Hom Mali Rice widely recognized as the best in the world. While Thai Hom Mali Rice is the center of every meal, herbs and spices are surely the heart of the meal. For it is these ingredients which provide a dazzling array of delicious and exotic tastes that make Thai cuisine so distinct. In addition to chili, it’s common to find garlic, lemongrass, basil, mint, and others used in Thai cooking. As with all cultures, Thais have used herbs and spices for centuries as essential remedies and medicines. Is it any wonder then that Thai food is considered so healthy ? What makes Thai food extra special is its intricate balance of spicy, sweet, and sour. Tom Yam Goong is a perfect example of blending tastes and flavors . This is a tasty, fiery soup featuring prawns, mushrooms, lemongrass, and others and may very well be the national dish. There is more to Thai food than Tom Yam Goong. It is the cultural heritage that contribute to so much variety. We get delicacies like Pad Thai from the north, a wide variety of curries from the south, grilled meats from the northeast, and fresh seafood from the coastal region. If the great variety of meals and flavor of the Thai cooking is legendary, so then are the preparation methods stir – fried, grilled, steamed, boiled, deep – fried and sun dried. Skilled Thai chef know how to do it.
Thai cuisine takes a pride of place in its natural heritage, practiced as an art and handed down from generation to generation. Thai food not only tastes good but also looks beautiful, with intricate carvings and creative decorations. And a popular way to savor the delight of the Thai meal is dining together with a group of friends and share the many dishes together. It’s always a hearty feast filled with fun and fiery flavors of Thai culinary creations. To enjoy Thai dining, you don’t actually need to be in Thailand. But how can you ensure that you get the real experience ? Simply look for the “Thai Select” logo from Royal Thai Government. They realize the importance of maintaining high standards of quality, and have responded with this seal of approval. 
” Thai Select ” certifies that not only the food, but also the hospitality and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Chefs must be carefully trained in the preparation of bona fide Thai meals. Receiving this prestigious award isn’t easy ; the bar is set high and the guidelines are strict. Still, through training and inspections, high standard Thai Restaurants worldwide have achieved this distinction. 
So anywhere in your travels, look for the stamp of approval “Thai Select”. It assures you that delicious Thai cuisine is being served in a pleasant atmosphere, and with a famous Thai smile. It’s not just a meal ; it’s a journey into Thai culture. 

Categories of Thai SELECT Restaurants

Thai SELECT Signature Restaurant:

Restaurants awarded with the Thai SELECT Signature logo are distinguished Thai restaurants that offer Thai food with authentic taste and excellent service. Adorned with traditional Thai or contemporary decorations, these restaurants portray an exquisite image or the uniqueness of the Thai cuisine, inspiring a sense of pride among diners. A score of 90 or above is required.

Thai SELECT Classic Restaurant:

Thai SELECT Classic is awarded to Thai restaurants of excellent quality. The Thai foods offered have standard taste with considerably good service. Overall, diners feel these restaurants offer good value for money. A score of 75 to 89 is required.

Thai SELECT Casual Restaurant:

Restaurants with the Thai SELECT Casual logo are Thai restaurants of good quality, offering Thai foods with Thai taste but have limited services. They vary from simple setups that are small in size, offering convenience to diners such as fast food restaurants or food outlets at a food court, to restaurants with limited or no seating, including food trucks or food stalls. A score of 75 or above is required.